Monday, 19 October 2015

Lunch time class with Finfou!

For all the Northern readers, this was the dinner time class at 1230pm at London Fight Factory; with this place, you never know who's going be dropping in and today was no execption.

Finfou called in on his way back to Stockholm and took the class, alongside three other black belts, what a great way to kick start the week.  The technical side of the class dealt with the Lasso guard and how to defend the Lasso attack and a neat number of ways of passing the guard.  From the Lasso tie up, a sweep was shown that was countered with a nice rolling knee bar and three rounds of tough sparring brought the session to an end.

 Thanks to Finfou for coming in and sharing his knowledge and to Emily, Slavimir and Mineiro for the awesome rolls.

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