Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Flow Jitsu by Mike Bidwell and the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Mike Bidwell is a US black belt known for his very creative expressions of Jiu Jitsu on his BJJ After 40 Facebook page and on his Blog, https://bjjafter40blog.wordpress.com.

Mike flies the flag for the over forties and I am a big fan of his and his story of his BJJ career is one that everyone should read about, as he spent thirteen years as a brown belt, undergoing ups and downs that would have finished off lesser athletes.

I viewed this as a digital download and runs for one hour, starting with a quick introduction to Mike from Nic and an explanation on why Mike calls his teaching 'Flow Jitsu.' The production of the video is first class and to be expected from the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood, well light and with crisp, clear sound throughout.

The video is divided into 'modules' and are well explained by Mike, repeating the moves at least three times, as well as showing No Gi options, which is a cool additional bonus. 

The modules are as follows:-

Outside kimura sweep
Inside kimura sweep
Kimura sweep counters
Chaining sweeps and set ups
Americana set ups
Americana to peek a boo
Seatbelt counters
Mount set up
Guard lapel attacks

My favourite module has to be the guard lapel attacks, as Mike claims that this is the first time some of these moves have been put to film; he demonstrates using the lapels of his opponent and his own, including the awesome Seppuku Choke, which is being drilled in class all this week!

Overall, this is a very clear and easy to follow video, with concepts clearly explained and some very neat flowing techniques which can be included into anyone's game. It is available as digital download, I don't think there is a DVD and is available from https://jjbgear.com/collections/bjj-books-and-videos/products/flow-jitsu-digital-download?variant=24244961031 and is priced at $49.95.

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