Friday, 14 October 2016

First class as a black belt!

Took my class on Wednesday evening for the first time as a black belt, covering some of the techniques taught by Leozinho on the seminar last Sunday; the day after the seminar I had to make a flying visit up North, so didn't have time to get a new belt ordered, so thanks to Stephen DIxon who owns the gym for lending me his black belt to use on the night.

That said, Steve has had his black belt for twenty years and it looked more white than black, but it was brimming full of experience, so combined with BJJ knowledge, this felt like some kind of awesome belt that night.

Thanks, as ever, to my students for showing up and joining in the fun and to my long suffering BJJ widow Emma, who came along on the night and joined in the class and even brought cake for everyone after the class. Ooooosss.

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Afrorican said...

Congratulations on earning your black belt. Awesome accomplishment. Striving to get there one day!