Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Cyborg seminar!

Massive thanks to Luiz for arranging a three day seminar with Cyborg at London Fight Factory last week; I was able to attend the Tuesday session last week and was treated to a guard passing masterclass.

To say Cyborg is a funny guy is an understatement, as he had all of us in stitches with funny jokes as well getting important pieces of information across to everyone, so that they will stick in the mind.  He talked of getting into your opponent's head and stealing their souls as you pass their guard and dominate with ease.

In addition to the fun on the mats, off the mats Luiz gave us all his rendition of the Macarena and what seminar wouldn't be complete without an impromptu dance off to Thriller, half way through the session?

At the end of the class, Cyborg gave a truly inspirational speech on always giving your 100% on the mats, even when you come up short and to be your own superhero; you could have heard a pin drop, as Cyborg spoke about his love and passion for Jiu Jitsu and it was an amazing experience to be sat with someone so inspiring and one who loves Jiu Jitsu with all his heart and soul. 

Once again, thanks to Luiz for making this happpen and continuing in bringing in the best of the best to LFF.


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