Friday, 4 November 2016

MMARAP session @ Ringcross!

As always, another awesome session over at the Ringcross Community Centre last night; the numbers are slowly picking up and we had a new member joining in the fun. Katy is a wheelchair user and has a rare type of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), but that didn't stop her getting onto the mats and having a go.  Katy managed a few forward rolls and some modified shrimps and technical get ups and then went back into her chair and hit the pads, which she thoroughly enjoyed, as you can see from the short video clip. 
Katy (left) and Holly
Both Holly and Katy really enjoy the sessions and love hitting the pads and we even added the good old Glasgow Kiss for good measure and had a few rounds of boxing and I think it was safe to say I came off the worst, these ladies can hit hard!

The MMARAP classes are free and are running until December 15th, where we hope we can secure more funding to keep these classes running; they are open to young people who are non disabled, disabled and deaf, so please help spread the word about the classes and share this piece on social media.  Ooosssss!

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