Saturday, 2 February 2008

BJJ seminar in Derby!

Had the honour and privilige of teaching a three hour gi seminar for my very good friend Dave Morris of Derby Tap or Snap (formerly Derby Shooters). Really enjoyed taking the class and at the end of the session, Dave asked me if I would like to be their BJJ coach and come back on a monthly basis to take a gi class for the lads. Suffice to say we are booked back in for Saturday March 15th and what's more, those who wish, will be taken out round the local town and be given a free tour of the local pubs, clubs and lapdancing bars, by Dave and the lads - not to be missed!! Dave will be making a trip up to Bolton in the near future and will be taking an MMA class at the club, more details to follow. Thanks to all my lads for supporting the day and putting up with my dodgy sat nav!

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