Sunday, 24 February 2008

Well done Terry and Leroy!

Another great day at the UMA event, really packed attendance from kids and seniors and ran like clockwork; over 100 seniors entered from -65 to +95, adults, masters and Open weight and all done for 3pm!! Enjoyed a few bouts of refereeing and pleased to say Chris 'Terry' Webster walked away with bronze in his first ever competition, overcoming nerves and self doubt and the Bald Assassin, Leroy Holcroft, not content with fighting in the -70 division, stepped up and entered a highly talented -75K, fighting BJJ blue belts and strong Judokas and walked away with a silver for his efforts!! James Canavan and Ben Ogunby fought in the -80 division and fought some tough matches and only lost on pins and happy to say none of the lads lost to a tap out, so well done to you all!!


waikru said...

Congrats on the win, well done lads.

TFP said...

Cheers Waikru

Was a great day out, really packed out and a great atmosphere, also ran like clockwork, the officials did a superb job!

leroy1981 said...

Check out ben's face on that -80kg line-up pic.
its a testament to simple maths:

Madrid + Beer + Burger King x Grappling = A whitey and a lie down : )

Gresthog said...

Well done guys

I'm liking the guy on the end, same pic - just having a snack


Phil said...

Well done lads.

TFP said...

Good maths there Leroy; the picci of Ben with head in the air was the best I could get, the other two had him with his head down and the other guys with their eyes closed - proper mong squad!

The guy carb loading at the end is form GB Milton Keynes, Angelo Beales.