Monday, 25 February 2008

Pricey's Postcard!

Got this nice little postcard thru the post at the weekend, from our resident hot tub fan, Gaz Price; he wrote in saying how much fun he was having on the beach rolling about on the sand with the locals and how much he enjoyed having his sun tan cream rubbed into his back. He even took his skipping ropes along so he could keep trim whilst he was away, keeping him fit as a fiddle as he danced the night away at the local rainbow clubs. The postcard sure looks like he was having fun that week don't you think?!


waikru said...

No wonder he was all smiles when he got back, Gaz are you going to keep in touch with your new friends ????

leroy1981 said...

So its not just pricey drilling the rear naked choke escape with Ricardo Arona?