Wednesday, 15 July 2009

BJJ class @ Caged Steel tonight!

It's been quite a while since I kept you all updated with goings on the other side of the M62 and tonight I thought I'd update you all; after braving a trip over the M60 in what was one of the worst downpours in summer months, I grappled with extreme weather over Saddleworth Moors and managed to steer the Red Mist over to Junction 25, which greeted me with clearer skies and less rain.

I arrived at Caged Steel shaken but not stirred and took in the remainder of the Thai class, before putting the gi on and taking the BJJ class; months and months of hard work and perserverance is now bearing fruit and tonight I was rewarded with a packed class, all the students (bar one new starter) decked out in the best gi's money could buy.

Yes folks, it looks like BJJ has landed at Caged Steel - current class attendances for BJJ are rivalling that of the MMA and Thai classes, which can only be a good thing. There are now regular attendees who are picking up the drills and positions, after sticking at it week in week out - teaching here once a week has its problems in technique retention, but throw enough mud at a wall and one day it's gonna start to stick!

From myself and Neil Hall, keep up the good work!

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