Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Salford Fight Factory MMA class!

Was invited over by my good friend and long term grappling colleague Darren Sherlock this evening to take the senior MMA class; a good turn out greeted my good self and we quickly got into the swing of things with a number of grappling drills and the infamous Deadly Knees, courtesy of the Wolfslair, which the students embraced with, well, bendy knees!

Thoroughly warmed up, we carried on with single leg pick up drills and went from the pick up to the takedown and an old school knee compression submission, which involves triangling the legs over the thigh, with the hands in rear naked choke position behind the knee, a submission gleaned from my days at Atherton Submission Wrestling Club many moons ago, a heads up to Darren Morris and Jack Mountford for that one.

A few defences to the single leg were thrown in, including a nifty takedown to leg lock position and a few pointers on when the takedown has been achieved, how not to lose the advantage and have guard pulled on you, how and where to apply pressure in the right places.

Keeping it focussed on leg attacks, the session ended with another old school knee compression submission, for the old school among you, the Scorpion Toe Hold, with extra details to give the submission added sting; from there the last technique was a counter to this seemingly unstoppable submission, which culminates in an arm bar for the unlucky Toe Hold applier.

All too soon the session came to an end and some essential stretching finished the session, designed to help everyone with general guard flexibility and if applied on a regular basis, increased success with the flamboyant gogoplata and rubber guard that seems to be in vogue of late.

Big shout out to Darren for bringing me over and to all the students who worked hard and listened harder and all had a great time - I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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