Monday, 30 January 2012

Guard Passing Seminar!

Had a great day of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu yesterday, hosting the first semianr of 2012 at the club; Darren and Helen Currie came over and delivered a seminar on guard passing, something we have been studying at the club for the last month.
Group photo

Brown belt coaches Mark Spencer and James Nardone were in attendance, as well as Runcorn based coaches Mike Ng and Russ Gates and were all treated to a master class from Darren and Helen.  After a thorough warm up from Helen, Darren showed ways to open the guard from kneeling and standing and went on to show his favourite and high percentage passes, all of which complimented my teaching over recent weeks and there was plenty of new material to study this week and put into our respective arsenals.
Guard passing masterclass

Thanks to everyone who attended and supported the event, I look forward to having Darren and Helen back at the club later in the year.

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