Friday, 13 January 2012

IBJJF Rules - Updated English Version (PDF)

Just downloaded and printed off the new English version of the IBJJ rules, which contains the general competition guidelines and competition format manual.  Leafing through the rule book, there are plenty of clear photos explaining the hand gestures from the referee and examples of serious penalties. 

There is a table of technical penalties, listing all the moves that may or may not get you DQ'd, depending on your belt, so this is a must read section for all belts; in addition a section on where patches are allowed on the gi as well as the gi checker and pointers on hygiene and state of gi prior to stepping on the mats.

The general competition guidelines lists all the divisions from Mighty Mite 1 to Senior 5, with regulation match duration for all divisions; the manual goes on to give guidelines on brackets, inter academy contests, prizes and registration and the competition format manual gives the requirements for the competition area and score keeping tables, as well as guidelines for staff and their duties.

Required reading for all concerned in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and something not to be read in one sitting, otherwise your brain will burst with all the info stored within; I'm off to the referee's course in London next week, so hope to have a good read on the way down to help pass the time; for now I will leave a link to the rules on the IBJJF website:-

Download and study well :)

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