Thursday, 12 January 2012

Seminario @ Combat Base Bolton!!

I am pleased and excited to announce that Combat Base Bolton will be having their first seminar of 2012 with Darren and Helen Currie :)  Darren has put together a brand new seminar covering one of the most important parts of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, guard passing and we have the honour of being the first batch of students to receive the fruits of Darren's knowledge.

The fun and games will be held on Sunday 29th January, from 12-3pm and after the main session, there will be an Open Mat session, to allow people to practice their new found skills on one another.  I'm really pleased to have Darren and Helen back at the club again, as we were very lucky to see a lot of them last year, let's hope this year's just as good!

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