Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sweeps Seminar @ EKBJJ Rotherham!

Had a great afternoon teaching the finer points of sweeping on Sunday March 4th, at the invitation of Jonathan Keeley, head coach at EKBJJ Rotherham; three other brown belts were on the mats and a mixture of whites, blues and purple belts graced the mats gave up their free time to join in the fun. 

The first half of the seminar looked at sweeps from the closed guard and after a short break, the second half looked at a number of sweeps from the open guard; the three hours flew by and ended much too soon and after the team photo, it was over to the Flaming Dragon for refuelling, before heading back home.

Huge thanks to Jon Keeley for bringing me over and all his students for supporting the event and to my students Adam Berry and Lee Gilmore, for supporting the event and joining in the fun.

Group photo

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