Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dinnertime BJJ @ Fight Factory, Heywood!

What better way to kick start your afternoon, than a dinner time session of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-130pm, classes in BJJ are running at Fight Factory in Heywood.  The gym is predominantly MMA, but the owner, Ken Richardson, an active MMA fighter himself, is open minded enough to introduce gi classes at the gym.  The photo below consists of head MMA coach at the gym, Andrew De Vent (first left in black gi) and the rest of the guys are all MMA fighters, unafraid to don the 'pyjamas' and get to grips with the gi.

With only 7 weeks of gi training, Shane Barry, (front row, tshirt and shorts) entered the Combat Base Interclub Sunday just gone and won the gold medal, a truly encouraging start for the 23 year old; the classes are crammed full of drills and more drills and the ethos of the gym is, to paraphrase from Andre Galvao, 'drill to win.'

In addition to Andrew De Vent joining the coaching team, Ali Arish is now on board as the wrestling coach, joining Shane Rigby, another highly skilled and decorated wrestler; add boxing coach Ste Sharples, Thai coach James Morris and S+C coach Jamie Gray and you have the whole package under one roof, with decades of experience across the board.

Anyone wishing to join in the BJJ classes, feel free to come down and join in and try out all the other classes as well; if you're serious about MMA, then this is the place for you - for more info go to www.bodymattersgym.com

With the dinner time posse

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