Thursday, 10 May 2012

Words of wisdom - part deux!

Another very interesting article from Darren Currie on dealing with the new belt and the (mostly self imposed) pressure that comes with each belt; at the beginning, people train like madmen week in week out, with one thing on their mind - to get the blue belt.  Nothing else in life matters, only the quest for blue belt and in doing so, hundreds of hours and pounds sterling are spent in the quest and after all the hard work, the blue belt is now theirs.  Emotions run high, guys get whipped, handshakes all round.  Job done.

Pressure? What pressure?
A few weeks later in class, the coach notices that the new blue belt isn't as regular as before at white belt and upon speaking to the student, is given a myriad of excuses for their absence; the blue belt then makes sporadic appearances and before long, fellow students are commenting, 'where's the new blue belt?  He used to train his ass off as a white belt?'

For many new blue belts, they have fallen to the dreaded illness that can strike at all belt levels; a disease more powerful than MRSA and AIDS.  There is no known cure or antidote to this crippling illness.............yes ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about 'belt-itis'.

The curse of many a student up and down the UK and across the globe, this all consuming disease respects no one and can strike the most dedicated of students, without warning and once contracted, cessation of training is swifter than a dose of swine flu on a farm.

However, help is at hand to help build up immunity from this dreaded affliction and can be read at  so please read this article and re read on regular occasions to help build up your immune defences against a ghastly and killer disease........................

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