Monday, 10 December 2012

BJJ Demo Team!

Had the pleasure of being involved in a  BJJ demo at a local school in Al Ain this evening, that caters for students with special needs; a number of the black belts have taught jiu jitsu in the past at the school and they were warmly welcomed by the students, who were all involved in soccer matches, when we arrived at the school.

The BJJ demo team
Come half time and the mats were rolled out and myself and all the black belts from Al Ain stepped forward and gave a short demo of BJJ to the staff and students; starting off with basic rolls and break falls, a number of the black belts demonstrated BJJ techniques and some nifty Judo throws as well, before engaging in light sparring to round the demo off.
Team photo in the shape of the number 41, celebrating National Day
that was held last weekend; photo taken by Kaka Quintana

The demo area


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