Monday, 31 December 2012

Muscat Mixed Martial Arts Club - part 2

Once I was safely reunited with Taimur, we headed out for something to eat, before heading to the club to train.
The club is owned by Ali Fajwani, who teaches the Thai at the club and Taimur runs the grappling side and Tariq Kareem is the general manager and between the three of them, they keep the jiu jitsu flame alive out in Oman.  The club has been running for over eighteen months and the club now has its own premises, thanks to the hard of Ali and the team.  Although the club is still in early days, the guys have been competing in Abu Dhabi and have taken medals at the Asia Cup, so full credit to the all the team.
Club entrance
There is a full timetable at the club, offering ladies, kids and adult Thai classes and gi and no gi classes and when the class started there was a very good turnout; like all good jiu jitsu clubs, the session started with drills, then went onto specifics and finihsed with sparring and  before we knew it, three hours had passed in the blink of an eye.
Ali (left), Taimur, YT and Tarik
All that remained was a group photo, before heading for a much needed shower, it felt a lot warmer and humid out here; my gi was soaking wet, so it was left in the gym to dry out along with the rest of my training gear.  All clean and fresh, I was shown around a few sights before heading to Nandos for a much needed feast and then on to a bar for a quick drink before crashing out for the night.
Group photo
Up bright and early the next day, it was time for the long drive back home, with the sun blazing down, burning my arm and neck, a nice little souvenir; huge thanks to Ali, Taimur and Tarik for inviting me over to the club and checking out the club and meeting the students and sharing their passion for jiu jitsu. 

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