Friday, 21 December 2012

Festive fun on the mats

All is well and still very much business as usual out here in the sunshine, which I'm sure will put your minds at ease back in Blighty :) Training hard every evening with the guys and gals and making good progress; all classes run with drilling for warm up, specifics and sparring. 
Reppin the Tatami brandwith Marcio and Higor
If there's anything left of me at the end, I attend the regular class, usually run by Erik or Leopoldo and get my share of techniques in that session, plus some extra sparring, having all the blues and purples after me, taking advantage of me being totally cream crackered.
With Eduardo Machado, my first black belt opponent in my BJJ comp the other month
The weather here is great for training, nice and warm in the afternoon and a lot cooler at night, having the burden of wearing a track suit jacket after training, but it's a cross I have to bear, my shoulders are broad.
On a road trip tomorrow, visiting friends in the lovely city of Muscat in Oman; they have a BJJ and MMA academy there, so it's a road trip out there to meet the guys, make some reports and enjoy some more jiu jitsu.

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