Monday, 27 January 2014

Box Jump!!

I'm very excited and pleased to announce that the club now has its very own strength and conditioning coach :)
James Colter has teamed up with the club and is learning the Arte Suave, whilst the students and my good self are being put through our paces in his unit and in my gym with specifically tailored sessions for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and general strength and fitness.
Regular readers will be aware of my recent back spasm in London a few weeks ago and all the problems I had with it; well, it just so happens that James's speciality is in injury rehab and after only two sessions with James, my back is as strong as ever for a Master 3 veteran (touch wood) and this afternoon I had my first S+C session with James.
After teaching James some BJJ, we went to his unit and I started on box jumps, something I've never done before; I started to practice the basics on an 18" box ,then after warming up, I completed five sets of ten jumps on a 24" box with five reps of ring rows to press for five sets.  That was enough for a box jump virgin!
Hiding away in the unit was a 30" box, so me being Mr Competitive and filled with box jump swagger, I just HAD to try the jump, with only 45 minutes experience to hand.
Below is the result, which I am very happy with :)

This Blog doesn't just cover my adventures in BJJ, it is also aimed at helping to inspire more 40+ year olds to take up the sport, as well as every other age range; by showing this video I hope the older readers out there who are umming and ahhing whether or not they should start training, will actually come to the gym and change their lives for the better.

In no time you'll all be box jumping.

I'm hooked!!

Check out James's website -

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