Friday, 3 January 2014

Jim Mc Sherry at the Fundamentals class!

Yesterday's Fundamentals class kicked off the new year, gently easing the students back into training after the Christmas wind down; Combat Base Bolton also welcomed Jim 'Soul Grappler' Mc Sherry onto the mats, who made a 200 mile round trip to join in the fun.
Jim was recently awarded his purple belt and is now on a mission this year to win at the No Gi Worlds in California in November, taking in the Euro's and other high profile IBJJF events this year, all as warm ups for the main event in November.
It was a pleasure having an experienced BJJ'er sharing the mats with the lads and great fun was had by all both in the technical class and the sparring class; everyone worked hard and managed to burn off plenty of turkey and chocolate laden calories in the sparring class, shaking off the cobwebs in readiment for jiu jitsu tournaments up and down the UK.
Next class Open Mat tomorrow - be there!!

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