Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Escape like Osiander - Part 3

Couldn't resist treating you all to a triple helping of Kurt Osiander, because I'm such a nice guy :)

In DVD land you will find a DVD on just about every technique, guard passing systems and much more but not so many on escapes. I do own a very good DVD on escapes by black belt Gustavo Machado, who worked with Tinguinha on his open guard DVD series that I reviewed many moons ago. If I can dig out the review I'll post it on here, if not I'll make another one :)

When we start off as white belts, it feels like all we do is make mistakes and you would be right; hell, you're a beginner and not expected to magic your way out of every bad position. Instead of wanting to pull off a Berimbolo, Tornado guard or omoplata from rubber guard, become proficient at your escapes, beacuse you're sure as hell gonna need them at white belt and at every other belt. 

Everyone fucks up what ever the belt colour, so become proficient at them and train them over and over and over, so when you find youself in a bad spot, you won't freeze and give your opponent the chance to submit you.

In this video, Kurt shows an escape from back control, pay close attention to what he does with his left hand when it grabs the foot, or more importantly what he does to get the foot in his hand.  

Watch the video and go hit the mats!

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