Monday, 23 March 2015

Technique of the week - reverse Pedron choke!

Another cool video from my Stateside buddy, Jeremy Arel, showing a lethal gi choke, one of my faves from side control.  There's quite a funny story behind my introduction to this submission, which happened back when I was not long a purple belt.

John Kavanagh hosted the first BJJ competition in Dublin and was after two referees to help out on the day; Ben Mallows and myself offered our services and we headed over to Dublin for the weekend and referee'd for John.

After the event, John took all the event staff out for a slap up meal and drinks and took us to a night club, got us free entry into the venue and pretty much free drinks for the rest of the night.  An excellent night was had by everyone and we returned back to the guest house well and truly rehydrated.

After a few hours slumber, the guest house owner, a little old Irish woman, woke the pair of us up and we staggered down to be given the full works Full Irish breakfast and endless cups of tea and we literally had to beg her to stop feeding us, we were stuffed!

We managed to crawl back into our rooms and get back into bed and sleep it all off, when there was a knock on the door; it was a very sober and cheery John Kavanagh and he invited us both to go to his gym and do some training, just the three of us. John was a brown belt at the time and even though we were both dying and terribly hungover, one cannot pass up an opportunity like this.

Off we went to the gym and after a warm, we started rolling with each other and it was on my first roll with John that I was introduced to this submission.  Relentlessly introduced I'd like to add.  Over and over again, John took the two of us through sheer hell, all the while grinning from ear to ear and to this day I am sure the two of us were set up by John, getting us blind drunk and in cahoots with the guest house owner.

That said, I have never forgotten this technique and it's now one of my high percentage subs I use from side control, so thanks John for an horrific hangover fuelled training session and showing me such an awesome and torturous submission.

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