Friday, 27 March 2015

Spider Lasso Guard to Spinning Omoplata Sweep by Jackson Sousa!

Here's a video of one of my favourite open guard sweeps, ably demonstrated by Checkmat black belt Jackson Sousa. I was living and training in Sweden way back in 2003, not long after receiving my blue belt and was training with Richard Bohlenius and this was the first time I was introduced to the Lasso guard.  At the time, this position didn't have a name and I was swept time and time again by Richard and his students, as well as being submitted from some crazy upside down spinning positions.
Back then, there weren't many people spinning upside down and catching submissions, so it came as quite a shock when Richard kept firing one leg over my arm and spinning onto his back to look for submissions and it was very disorienting when it happpened and by the time I'd figured out what he was trying to do, it was too late.
After a few days of them all having fun and using me as a test dummy, they showed me the technique and it's now one of my all time favourite moves, both used as a sweep and to spin in for submissions, so thanks to Richard and all the crazy spinning Scandinavians for showing me such a super cool technique.
No go train!

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