Thursday, 7 January 2016

Last night's class

Kick started the new year in style at Checkmat Wimbledon with two hardcore sessions this week, designed to shake off the cobwebs and burn off the excesses of the festive season. My own big return to regular training has suffered a slight setback, thanks to me cutting my finger tip instead of a piece of ham on the chopping board at the weekend.  It's one of those pesky accidents that took a few days to stop bleeding and has now started to knit back together, so I've been in the gym ramping up the cardio on the machines and throwing some kettle bells around in a bid to help keep me sane until my finger heals up enough so I can start training proper.

Last night was a good old hardcore session that really made everyone dig deep and give it their all; our class starts after the kickboxing class, so we have the luxury of training in a nice and warm room and I decided to keep it that way throughout the whole class, by keeping all the windows closed during our session.

After getting everyone hot and sweaty with a cardio filled warm up, the main bulk of the class covered takedowns, with plenty of seio nage, kouchi and ouch gari, as well as mixing and matching the three throws, following up into ground work.  

Rolling finished the session as always, starting from one of the three takedowns and by the end of the class, the whole room was a haze of heat and steamed up windows.  Brilliant work from everyone!

An action packed start to the week at the club and more of the same for the rest of the year, as we prepare for upcoming competitions, pushing ourselves every week to become fitter and stronger and ready for battle.




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