Monday, 3 September 2012

121 Masters Budo Course, Chelmsford, Essex!

Had a great day showcasing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu alongside high ranking Dan grades in Traditional Martial Arts, down in sunny Chelmsford, Essex on Saturday September 1st.  The event was held at Dovedale Sports Centre and was organised by Stephen Mitchell, owner of Masters 121, which organises one day and weekend Budo courses throughout the year.

I was first invited to teach on a 121 event back in November 2011, from my Judo coach George Launders and this weekend was the third event for me and I was sharing the mats with some true martial artists; the line up consisted of the following instructors:-

Chris Moslin - Aikido
Gordon Lawson - Judo
George Bishop - Jiu Jitsu
Terry Hall - Jiu Jitsu
George Launders - Judo
Carl Fisher - BJJ
Philip Bradely - Weapons
Michal Bil - KAPAP
Paul Adams - Ninjutsu

121 Masters Instructors
Four mats were running during the day and the attendees were split into groups and had 45 minutes on each mat; I was sharing the mat with George and we started with George showing a throw or takedown, then I stepped in and showed them how to finish them off.  I have worked with George on a number of seminars and at my club and this partnership works really well and compliments each other's art.  Take to the ground and finish.  No faffing about in the 50/50 guard or stalling for a win.  The aim of the game is to finish the job as fast as possible and be ready for the next man.
George Launders feeling the pressure
In between teaching, I managed to catch a glimpse of the other coaches teaching their styles of self defence, many of which have been pressure tested both on the street and in the Army.  No nonsense techniques, again designed to finish the job fast.
Arm bar from knee on belly

At 3pm, all the students gathered on one mat and each instructor came on and showed one technique each and left the students to it, my favourite part of the day; when my turn came I showed a nice lapel choke series from mount position, which drew favourable comments from the other instructors, something that made the trip down very worthwhile.  To receive acknowledgement from high ranking instructors made me feel very proud as an instructor myself and proud to be showcasing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to a wider audience.
With my right hand man George Launders

Huge thanks to Stephen Mitchell for organising a most enjoyable event and I look forward to the next one.

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How does Brazilian JuJitsu differ from any other form?

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TFP said...

BJJ is mainly sport oriented jiu jitsu, Gracie Jiu Jitsu is more self defence based jiu jitsu.