Monday, 3 September 2012

The New York Bad Ass kicks ass!

I had the pleasure and privilige of hanging out and training with Phil Baroni back in 2010 at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, as well as watch him being put through his paces during his own training.  Beneath the bluff and smack talk and divided opinions that Phil brings upon himself, once you get to know him, Phil is a really cool and humble guy.

We shared many a post meal and drink at the camp and we struck up a friendship and I got a few interviews with the NYBA during my stay.  Phil has had to deal with a number of losses recently, after training like a Spartan for each fight and has been thirsty to get back to his winning ways.

Winning ways returned on August 31st, as he fought  Rodrigo 'Ximbica'  Ribeiro at the OneFC event in Manila, Philippines; walking into the ring, Phil was as cool as ice, as he danced and swaggered into the ring and once introductions were over in the cage, the bell rang and Phil got to work..........................

Way to go Phil - BOOM!!

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