Monday, 3 September 2012

50 ways to better Jiu Jitsu - DVD review!

The world of DVD instructionals is immense; just about every man and his dog has a DVD out, from the fundamentals to guard passing; attack the back; half guard; mount; Berimbolo; turtle guard; octopus guard (YES, octopus guard, care of Eduardo Telles) and many many more.  Every year there is a new DVD out covering the latest techniques and guard passes, such is the creativity of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

One such man, minus his dog offers the latest in BJJ instruction; Combat Base brown belt Adam Adshead has released a 2 DVD set titled '50 Common Mistakes to Avoid in BJJ' and Adam was kind enough to give me a copy to review.

DVD 1 is split into four chapters, namely:-

  • General mistakes
  • Guard
  • From the feet
  • Passing guard

DVD 2 is split thus:-

  • Side control
  • Side control attack
  • Escapes
  • Mount

As the DVD title suggests, Adam offers short clips on the most common mistakes people make in their jiu jitsu game; Adam, like the rest of many BJJ coaches up and down the country, has travelled far and wide in the pursuit of quality BJJ tuition and has trained with numerous world class elite level BJJ fighters and instructors and has a broad and in depth knowledge of the game.  Endless hours on the mats watching his students roll, taking notes has culminated in this DVD set and is an invaluable tool both for student and instructor alike.
Knowledge is power 

For both individuals, the DVD acts as a reference point and gathers together numerous concepts and tips for finishing triangles more successfully and passing the guard more times than not, to name a few.

Each clip is between two to four minutes long and is packed with technical details and tips and pointers that are easy to digest and even easier to add into your game.  As an instructor myself, this is an invaluable addition to my DVD collection and brings all the concepts and tips onto two DVD's, which I can dip into anytime and drop them in at my Fundamentals class and all classes to be honest.

For the student, I recommend purchasing the DVD, as opposed to say purchasing the latest DVD on the 50/50 guard or Tornado guard; although these two positions can be found on the competition circuit, nothing beats the basics and this DVD gives over fifty ways to improve your game.  So by adding these tips to your game one by one, you'll become fifty times the grappler you were before you started watching the DVD.

Not bad eh??

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