Tuesday, 30 July 2013

BJJ class @ Forca Academy, Ormskirk

Had a great evening over in Ormskirk tonight, taking the BJJ session at my good friend Ross Hudson's academy; Ross is a blue belt and is part of the Royce Gracie network and the mats were packed, everybody ready to drill and train hard.
After a quick warm up, I covered a few ground drills and showed the lads the three flow drills I've been teaching at my place the last few months.  Starting in closed guard, the first drill starts with the diamond position, then omoplata and triangle when the guy postures and ends with an arm bar.
Second drill starts with cross grip into omoplata, sweep, a re roll into omoplata and ends with triangle from posturing and then arm bar.
Third drill starts with cross grip into omoplata and sweep, then sitting on the chest and applying mounted triangle, finishing with rolling onto the back and applying an arm bar.
With Ross and the lads
Once these drills were covered, I showed how to escape from two of the submissions they had just been drilling, omoplata and two escapes from the triangle.  As always, time ran out and I finished off showing a way to break the grip when a person grabs their belt to defend the reverse kimura, a position we've all been in many times when rolling.
Huge thanks to Ross for inviting me back again and to all the lads for turning up and joining in the fun.  As always, drill to win!

See you soon guys!

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