Friday, 5 July 2013

Staph is NOT your friend!

In an earlier post, I said that the omoplata is your friend on the mat; staph, however, is definitely not your friend.  Ever.
There is the infamous Top Ten of MMA Staph infections, with Kevin Randelman's horrific infection and ends at #1 with some poor guy's whole ankle joint stripped of flesh and exposed for all to see (will post this up at a later date :))
This video shows Mark Hunt in hospital with a gaping hole in his leg, so if squeamish, you have been warned.
Like I tell my students every week, stay clean. Shower every day. Wash gi's regularly, after every session if possible.  Soak knee pads in hot water and Dettol after every class.  Wash rash guards and knee pads.  It's not that hard to stay clean folks.
At your gym - do they hoover the mats after class? Mop the mats with strong disinfectant every session? If not, then have a word with the instructor, it's your health at risk training in a filthy environment.
Enjoy the video and remember - KEEP CLEAN!!

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