Thursday, 4 July 2013

Omoplata is your friend!

The last six weeks or so, I've been going over the omoplata submission in all the classes that I teach; this submission can be set up from so many positions it's unreal.  My favourite way of getting to omoplata is from closed guard and using a cross grip, I place my right foot in the hip and swing out and get into position, with the left hand going under the partner's right leg and BAM!  Locked in and ready to go.
 Keep drilling and one day, you too, can be this cool!
From this Mission Control position (hope Eddie Bravo doesn't sue my ass off!) you can sweep your opponent and land in top position, where you can either re-roll for an omoplata or sit back on your opponent's chest and go for mounted triangle, or sit legs either side of the chest and wait for your opponent to put one hand under you legs and you can hit arm bars and triangles.

Or you can try to flatten your opponent out and hit the submission and when they defend by posturing you can hit the triangle and arm bar from guard with an added reverse arm bar off the arm that's free.

You can get into position from sweeps, kimura from guard, when a guy tries to pass guard, from switching base in side control, from the Lasso guard or when a guy hits a Lasso defence from z-guard or scissor sweep, from foot locks etc you catch my drift?

Omoplata is a high %age technique when studied in detail and when combined with arm bars and triangles and other subs, it makes one into a JJ Machado submission machine.

At the gym, in the warm ups I have set up three flow drills, that set up the omoplata position and from this position, show a few ways of setting up sweeps and submissions; these drills are just the tip of the iceberg, with a little imagination, any good coach can come up with their own flow drills and over the coming weeks, I will be adding to the drills, so watch this space!

Over the next few days, I will post the drills on here, they are very easy to practice and great fun too; after a few weeks drilling, you can mix and match them all together and then the real fun begins :)

As always - DRILL TO WIN!!!!

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