Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday morning inspiration!

Nothing in life worth having ever comes easy, so many excuses stand in our way every single day to miss class and have an easy night on the sofa; there are nights when I have to drag myself to class, my body aching and beaten up, the last thing I wanna do is train.  Once I get there and get warmed up, the blood is flowing and I'm firing on all cylinders and the aches and pain are forgotten for the time being.  Until the following day, when they return with a vengeance and all the excuses start to worm their way into my head and the internal battle starts again.
It's the internal battles with your self that are the hardest to fight, way harder than rolling with the shit hot blue belt and psycho purple belt at the gym. 
Sounds familiar?  You are not alone my friend, there are many others fighting the internal battles every day and sadly there are many more that lose this battle and end up sat at home missing out on some great training and even worse, are on the rocky road to giving up training once and for all.

Don't become that person, with their gi stuffed at the back of their wardrobe gathering dust; fight the good fight and drag yourself to class.  In the long run, you'll be glad you did!

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