Sunday, 18 August 2013

Omoplata Seminario @ Voodo Gym, Macclesfield

Had an awesome afternoon of Jiu Jitsu today over in sunny Macclesfield at Dave Kari's gym, with Darren and Helen Currie coming over from Pontefract, to deliver an outstanding seminar on the omoplata.
Regular readers will know I've been drilling the omoplata in class the last few months, so having three hours going over the omoplata with a fine tooth comb, with two black belts was too much to resist. 
Sadly, we all missed out on Helen Currie's infamous warm ups, as we were all rolling light to warm up (thank you Darren) so after a few rolls we went straight on with the good stuff.  Darren quickly recapped on an earlier seminar he had with Dave, covering the kimura and showed how to get to the omoplata from the kimura.  From the omoplata position, Darren showed a handful of ways of finishing the submission, as well as a few 'what if?' scenarios.
After a water break, more omoplata goodness was to follow, with some really funky shit from when your opponent tries to defend the submission by rolling out, ending up with an arm bar, foot lock and Achilles lock.  Awesome!
After some rolling the session was over and two blue belts were awarded to Sam Archer and Sergiusz Pawlowski and Dave Kari was given his purple belt, awesome achievements all round.
James, Helen, Dave, Sam, Serge, Darren and YT
Highlight of the day was Aggie's world famous chilli and rice and the large bowl of jelly babies that kept me going throughout the afternoon, cheers guys!
Aggie's chilli - mmmmmmmmmmm!!
Darren and Helen will be at Combat Base Bolton on September 22nd, delivering kimura based mayhem and madness; looking forward to seeing all the Combat Base UK guys and gals there.
Now go hit the mats!!

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