Saturday, 31 August 2013

Medal haul for Combat Base UK!!

Had a great day at Jim Mc Sherry's BJJ comp today, with Combat Base UK racking up three gold, three silver and five bronze medals between the individual clubs, namely CB Bolton, AVT, Ng Gar Tien and Factory BJJ.
Victory for Joe Matta
My guys collected one gold, one silver and four bronze medals, with two guys competing for the first time, namely Joe Matta (bronze) and Ike Ogbo (two bronze).
Lee 'Judas' Jones - #1
It was a well run event as always and great to see the usual faces and had the pleasure of making some new friends; special mention goes to Thomas Rix from Norwich Kickstop, who competed, despite suffering from cerebal diplegia, a mild form of cerebal palsy Thomas told me.  Thomas had to walk with a stick and a partner for support onto the mats and with twenty years of Judo under his belt, he gave his opponents a tough time and went home with a bronze medal.  I managed a quick chat with Thomas, who was a really nice guy with a cheeky personality and it was humbling to see a guy like Thomas, sharing the mats with more able bodied guys and getting stuck in. 
One very proud coach and his students!
Jiu Jitsu really is for everyone!!

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