Sunday, 1 September 2013

Back to the drawing board....................

Really pleased with the way things went yesterday at the UMA BJJ event; all the hard work, drilling, drilling and more drilling by the lads really paid off.  Drill to win is the mantra in our gym, if it's good enough for Andre Galvao, who made a book of it, then it's good enough for us mere mortals at Combat Base Bolton.
The level at all belts was very high, with great sportsmanship from all fighters and the referee's all did sterling work, always a thankless task at the best of times. 
So, it's back to the drawing board tomorrow, business as usual at the gym;  after watching the lads fights, there's a handful of things to go over tomorrow and over the next  few weeks, that can be drilled to death and sharpened up and a whole bunch of other stuff I have up my sleeve, as well as a lot more BJJ specific cardio drills for everyone, regardless of if they are competing or not.  The cardio drills really gave the lads an edge yesterday, when you start to fatigue, technique flies out the window and it's hell out there on your own, when the gas tanks are running empty.  Expect plenty more lovely lung expanders!!
To all the lads that are not yet competing, you also contribute to the outcome of all the comps the lads enter, it's a team effort from everyone that turn up each evening.  We only have each other to train with, so any medal won is a testament to the coaching and having good training partners, that help each other improve.
Congrats to all the lads that competed yesterday, everyone's a winner for stepping up and laying it on the line; can't wait to get back in the gym tomorrow and start prepping for the next handful of gi and no gi comps!!!!!!

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