Sunday, 22 September 2013

Kimura Seminario!

Had the pleasure of hosting Combat Base UK chief instructors, Darren and Helen Currie this afternoon at the gym, delivering an absolutely awesome seminar on my all time favourite submission - the kimura.
After a light warm up from Helen (lucky escape for once) Darren jumped right in and showed how to really tighten up the submission from side control, using a three stage progression that puts you in a world of pain.  Fast.
From side control, Darren went on to show a number of what if scenarios from common kimura positions and from when you get swept when applying the submission; all the techniques were designed to give maximum pain in the shortest time possible and I am writing this report up now, as I was Darren's test dummy and Lee 'Demolition Man' James's training partner and between them both, I don't think I'll have the use of my arms in the morning to type this up.
A really cool set up came by way of side control, when either a Judo guys has you tied up, or a catch wrestler/MMA guy and a super cool reversal from defending a guard pass and a host of other funky shit from there also.  Which I can't divulge, as I need all the surprises I can get at this ripe old age.
Darren ended with some neat guard application of the kimura, with three sweet moves, also throwing in a few calf slicers and defences of the calf slicer too.  Value for money all round.
Massive congrats to new blue belts Ed Kelly and Duncan Aitchison, well done from myself and all my students, next stop purple.  Massive thanks to all who came and supported the event and to Ryan Broomhall from Factory BJJ who came over and joined in the fun too.]
Kimura Part 2 coming soon..................................Ooooooooooooos!!

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