Thursday, 12 September 2013

Feeling Good!

I connected with the fabulous guys and gals at The Supplement Centre via Twitter and after talking to the lovely Abby, they have kindly sent a few products from Matrix Nutrition for me to road test.
I have a bottle of multi vits, a tub of Matrix Crea-Pro Uptake and a 5K tub of Matrix Waxy Oats and have been using the products for the last month.  I had one multi vit tablet every day, have the oats in the morning and after my weights work out and use the Creatine half an hour before I start the sparring class three times a week.
Being a BJJ'er Of A Certain Age, I can't push myself as hard as I did ten years ago, too many injuries won't allow me, so I have to be careful not to do anything foolhardy and injure myself, both on the mats and in the gym.
Using the creatine drink before rolling has really helped me immensely, it really gives me a lift and at the end of the session, I'm left wanting more, instead of dragging myself off the mats and hiding in the corner of the gym until I get myself back together.  The multivits are helping me get all the essentials into my body and I do feel more perkier and less prone to dips in energy throughout the day, which in turn is helped by the waxy oats, which I throw in with my breakfast cereal and am now baking flapjacks and throwing some into the mix as well.
A lot of supplementation can be hit and miss, with a plethora of pills and powders to boggle the mind at the best of times; that said, for me this trio works well for me, so I ain't gonna mend something that don't need fixing.
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