Friday, 17 July 2015

Ben Sulston - BJJ Masterchef

Yesterday I posted a photo of my post training meal, both here and on the UK BJJ Underground forum on Facebook; the Facebook post turned out be well received and had other BJJ'ers posting up photos of their post training feeds, with some rather excellent dishes on offer, with a mega ten egg white and gluten free bread feast from Wilson Junior.  Wilson promised everyone that he would post a video up on how he makes a breakfast smoothie with egg whites, banana and protein and when he does I'll post it on here.
Wilson's eggtastic meal
Diet and nutrition can be a stumbling block for many BJJ'ers and athletes of any sport, so it's always helpful to discuss these topics on the relevant forums and share ideas and tips on all kinds of meal preparation. 

Without going into all the cliches about diet and training, this is one area of your training, that with a little imagination and preparation (remember, if you read my post yesterday, prep and cooking time was only twenty five minutes) can really help boost your performance on the mats, so what have you go to lose? The founder of Kyokushin Karate, Mas Oyama, once said back in the 70's,  'a sickly body is of use to no one.'  So if it's good enough for the Kyokushin fighters who trained for the legendary 100 man Kumite events, it's good enough for us who have to endure a handful of 5,6,7,8 and 10 minute rounds of rolling around on the floor.
Sweet potato shepherd's pie from Maggie Moo
Carlson Gracie Tonbridge purple belt Ben Sulston added his two pennerth into the online debate yesterday with a collection of mouth watering dishes of his own and in a seperate thread, shared a link to his You Tube channel, Sulston's Kitchen.
Ben's take on steak
I took a look on there last night and came away with some mouthwatering recipes and a take on my favourite vegetable, the sweet potato, something which I am going to try out tonight.

I also know what freekeh is as of yesterday too, so I consider myself more educated yesterday than I was the day before.

Check out Rob's YT channel -

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