Saturday, 4 July 2015

Victor Estima at London Fight Factory

The Saturday afternoon class today had a very special guest, as Victor Estima honoured a long standing promise to Luiz Ribeiro to come down to the club and share the mats with his students. If that wasn't enough, Chico Mendes dropped in for a quick visit and to say hello to Victor and another three black belts graced the mats, making this a rather special training session.

I've known Victor since he was a brown belt and used to train with him with my partner in crime Chris Brown, when we were both at Uni, ducking classes to travel to Leeds and Bradford over ten years ago to train with Victor.  It was nice to both meet again and catch up and have a chat before training began and after a quick introduction, the class got underway.
The content of the class was a tiny slice of the closed guard that Victor uses, when he's on his way to a World or ADCC title and he broke the technique down into easy to understand segments, which made it easier for everyone and was on hand to help anyone who was having a little difficulty. 

There is so much to Victor's game that couldn't be passed on in one session, but what he showed can be added to anyone's game and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will be drilling the material out in class on Monday and hopefully get to apply it in a competition one day.

Huge thanks to Victor for a great session and to Luiz for conitnually badgering Victor to come down and take the class.  Ossss

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