Thursday, 9 July 2015

Last night's class

It was a rather quiet class last night, due to the Tube strike (grrr) but for those that managed to attend, it was well worth the hassle.  After a quick warm up, one of the students asked me about escaping a side headlock, which changed the course of the whole evening and I spent the rest of the session teaching self defence.

Starting with the side headlock, I went through a number of disengagements from a double collar grab, showing the good old kota gaeshi, nykkyo and advanced nykkyo, a little bit of sankyo and a smaettering of shiho nage for good measure.  Showing how to nip properly went down a treat and my triceps are covered in little bruises, so the students were actually listening and absorbing the info.

Even though it's a BJJ club, I always like to throw in some self defence work in the classes, the students really enjoy themselves and I really enjoy teaching them these techniques, it's good to mix things up, avoids becoming a boring and predicatble session.

As always, huge thanks to Professor Trevor Roberts for teaching me all this awesome Jiu Jitsu all those years ago, it's great to be able to pass on his immense knowledge to my students. 


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