Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Holistic Fitness Studios - Newsletter

The Holistic Fitness Studios presents a newsletter every few months and this month I am delighted to announce that Checkmat Wimbledon have a full page devoted to their recent achievements this year.

This newsletter goes out to 1500 Merton based residents and whilst the club has featured in previous newsletters, this edition really gives the club a much needed boost in publicity.

Huge thanks to Dickie Wilkinson, the club secretary for creating the piece and to Stephen Dixon, for his ongoing support and encouragement on a regular basis.  With all new ventures, when I first started teaching, class numbers were very low for many months and I was wondering, had I made a big mistake moving here to teach?

As with anything, hard work, perserverance and a belief in what you are doing is the name of the game and now the club is thriving, with double figures every class and some awesome rash guards and shorts available for all the students.

It's been a great year so far, with a number of BJJ competitions to enter before the end of the year and lots more medals to be had from everyone.  

Watch this space!


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