Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Last night's class

Awesome session last night, hard work and plenty of sweat left on the mats, as we got to grips with the Electric Chair and The Vaporiser, together with back takes off the Chair and some closed guard attacks.  Then the sweating began with rounds of boxing, boxing into clinch work, ending up with boxing into clinch, takedown and finishing on the ground.  

Guard passing with one hand in the belt rounded off the evening and another milestone at the club was achieved - we had our first puker!

Hats off to Jan who pushed himself super hard in the sparring and paid the ultimate price, with a trip to the toilet; after throwing up, he cleaned himself down and returned to the sparring like a real warrior, can't ask more than that from anyone.

Next class is on Wednesday and I wonder who'll be the next puker?

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