Friday, 28 August 2015

Last night's post training meal

Regular readers will know I have mentioned Ben Sulston and his You Tube channel, Sulston's Kitchen, where he posts videos on easy to make meals and snacks for the hard training BJJ'er.

Last night I decided to try one of the post training meals, a Spanish inspired pork, prawn, chorizo and rice meal; I used chicken instead of pork and the result was the same, an extremely tasty and filling post training meal, one of which will now be a regular for me, especially after a hard day of training.

If you're passionate about your training, you need to feel the same way about what you put into your body, so you can train hard every week, without feeling tired and prone to injury, especially when you're at my tender age.

Check out the video, it's easy to prep and cook and a delight to eat.


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