Thursday, 10 September 2015

After School Jiu Jitsu

Back teaching after school Jiu Jitsu in Central London, same school as last term; thanks to Jonathan Buffong​ for securing a full school year's worth of teaching at Central Foundation for Boys School.  

Today we had Years 8 and 9 down and much fun was had with the crash mats, O Soto Gari, double leg takedowns and the Americana.  Met the Headmaster who was very keen and at the end of the class, the PE teacher came and asked if four Year 7 students could attend future classes, as they were really keen to join in.  

Onwards and upwards, bringing Jiu Jitsu to a wider audience, they loved the session today and we now three seperate Years training, compared to one test sample last term. Gotta love Jiu Jitsu :) 

The new students have to sign parental forms allowing us to use photos etc, soon as we have them sorted I'll post up pictures of these young warriors :)


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