Thursday, 10 September 2015

Slo Mo sweep #1

Had some fun in class last night with the slo-mo mode on the iPhone 6, quickly recording a couple of my favourite sweeps.  I think this mode is an awesome coaching tool both for the coach and the students, there's so much detail in the videos, you can see things in very fine detail, some of which may not be taken in when teaching the moves in real time.

The options are endless for these videos, you can record takedowns, passes, sweeps, reversal and submissions and I'll be recording some Trad JJ moves too, I'll be looking forward to seeing how they all come out.

Meanwhile, enjoy Part 1, which is known as the harpoon sweep; there's another harpoon sweep video out there with Pedro Sauer, which is a side control reversal. Just so you know.



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