Friday, 11 September 2015

Butterfly guard sweep in slo mo

Here's another video recorded in the slo mo mode, showing a nice sweep from the butterfly guard.

After watching this there are a few pointers to note to help make this sweep a success; firstly notice how deep I slide down the mat to get underneath my opponent, as well as pulling the arm towards and extending out, which helps me get into position.

Next, I take my partner over with a full extension of my left leg, much like the Suma Gaeshi throw in Judo, as well as extending my right arm.

As my partner lands, I look in his direction and start a backward roll over my left shoulder and turn slightly towards him, avoiding his legs, where he can put me into half guard. This is achieved by holding onto the pants and sleeve.

It's a cool sweep and really catches your opponent off guard and more importantly off balance, the key to all effective sweeps.

Give it a try in class and see what you think.


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