Friday, 11 September 2015

Guard passing tips

Here's a great article, addressing a number of common mistakes people make when passing the guard, so give this a read and really take in everything in the article and start applying this to your guard passing.  

You'll probably get smashed before you get better, but that's Jiu Jitsu, hang in there and keep on doing round and after round of guard passing and in time things will improve and you will get better.

I remember getting my blue belt and was looking at improving my standing guard passes and for a good few months, I was being swept by all belts at the time, it's something we all go through and I had to perservere and not give up.  As soon as I got to my feet I was unstable for a split second and I was swept, very frustrating indeed.  You have to carry on and get back into that position, only here do you start to improve your balance when getting up onto two feet and when on your feet.  You can squat and deadlift, these all help but nothing substitutes standing up in your opponent's guard.

Then one session I nailed it. I got up onto my feet and into a strong position and started to pass the guard and it felt awesome.  Hard work pays dividends, it's up to you how bad you want to improve and this applies to all apsects of your Jiu Jitsu.

So, read, abosrb and practice.

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