Monday, 29 April 2013

BJJ class @ Voodoo Gym, Macclesfield!

Had a very enjoyable session over at Voodoo Gym in Macclesfield yesterday afternoon, taking the 4-6pm BJJ class.  The weather was dull and wet outside,  but inside it was hot, hot, hot as the lads and ladies all worked hard on the mats, getting ready for upcoming gi and no gi comps on the UK circuit.

With gym owner, Dave Kari
After introducing three new side control drills, I went through a very high percentage open guard sweep, that I've used many times in competition, before taking things to the ground.  From the ground, taking the mount and more importantly, keeping the mount was given a thorough dose of looking at, covering what I've been teaching in class all week at HQ.  From there, our old friend the Ezequiel choke was dissected, showing ways to get the choke when the opponent defends, which went down a treat.
The Voodoo Posse
All too soon the class was over, time flies when you're in the zone!
Thanks to Dave Kari for inviting me over to share the knowledge, look forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks :)

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