Wednesday, 10 April 2013

BJJ Globetrotter Seminar review by the Part Time Grappler!

My very good friend and prolific Blogger Liam 'Part Time Grappler' Wandi was at the BJJ Globetrotter seminar at the weekend; Liam's training partner and lift to the event had injured his back and Liam told me he was unable to attend, so I offered to pick him up at the train station, along with Christian and bring him to the club and join in the fun.
Liam with Christian, repping the PTG patch!
Liam has a very popular Blog and he posted his own seminar report, plus a neat little video of Christian outlining his thoughts of integrating wrestling techniques into the BJJ game, namely sweeping your opponent from guard.

Read, enjoy the footage and leave me a comment on the video :)

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