Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gold medal for the Demolition Man!

The Demo Man is back!!
Huge congrats to student Lee 'Demolition Man' James on his gold medal win at the Manchester Open at the weekend; all the hard work on the mats at Heywood and at the Open Mats at Combat Base Bolton were rewarded with the gold medal.
Competing in the blue belt Ultra Heavy division, Lee faced Bellator veteran Karl Etherington, a huge guy with deadly Judo skills, a tough first match for anyone.  Lee weathered an initial attack from Karl and the fight went to the ground; in under two minutes Lee submitted Karl with one of his favourite chokes from side control, a superb start to the day.
Big Lee and the bling
Lee's second match ended up the same as the first one, with Lee managing to get in a big kata garuma throw, that he's been itching to get in a comp for quite some time and finished the match old school style with a closed guard kimura.
Brilliant performance from Lee and all down to a team effort from all the lads at the club, who have all helped contribute to Lee's gold medal; I'm over the moon for Lee and his medal, as well as all my students in helping build a strong team of competitors, everyone helping each other get the best out their training sessions. 
Can't ask for anything more.

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